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The Rise of Digital Audio Advertising 2019

  • This year, 86% of advertising agencies and 66% of brand advertisers said that they now see digital audio as a key part of their integrated media strategies. 
  • 75% of advertisers plan to increase spend across podcasts in the next 12 months. 
  • With 85% of advertisers and agencies set to increase their investment in digital audio within the next year alone, it’s undeniable that digital audio has become a major player in a mature advertising market. 
  • Confidence in digital audio advertising has grown in the past year. People in the UK are consuming more digital audio than ever before, whether it is digital radio, podcasts or streamed music. As a result, 86% of agencies and 66% of advertisers surveyed now see digital audio as an important part of most media strategies¹. 
  • Digital audio advertising’s value proposition is becoming clearer. Digital audio is now demonstrating its applications to industry stakeholders more successfully. They believe it is effective in reaching listeners in a variety of contexts, for example reaching consumers on the go (85%)², and while they are doing lots of different activities (79%)³. As a result, 81% of survey respondents said that digital audio means advertisers can be really contextually relevant. 
  • Digital audio is increasingly perceived by agencies and advertisers as a rich creative medium. 78% of survey respondents think that listeners are highly engaged with digital audio because of the great content that’s available5. 
  • Digital audio’s role in a campaign is changing, as agencies increasingly experiment and innovate. Survey respondents see digital audio as the medium developing the most innovative opportunities for advertisers (53% selected the medium)6. 
  • Digital audio still faces a number of challenges. There is still work to do around the effective measurement and attribution of digital audio. 53% of respondents think that streaming audio enables them to target the right people at the right time but some respondents lack awareness about the availability of measurement and attribution tools. 
  • The outlook for digital audio advertising is positive as more advertisers opt to build it into their media strategies. 85% of survey respondents said they will increase their investment in digital audio in the next 12 months8.