SpeechKit Communication

This is a document to use to help communicate the SpeechKit mission, brand and product. It is intended that this will help direct website and other marketing material. 

What is SpeechKit?

SpeechKit is a service that provides news publishers access to the latest Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Text-To-Speech (TTS) technology. The service democratises these technologies by providing them as a platform and product integrations that are ready for newsrooms. Fitting in with existing workflows allows for the best text-to-speech processing with minimal hassle. 

Publishers can use SpeechKit to instantly create audio versions of their news articles. Content is cleaned and optimised by NewsNet, our NLP secret sauce, which ensures we provide the clearest voices possible. Punctuation, tone and intonation are perfected to deliver the listener the best audio experience, wherever they are. 

SpeechKit allows publishers to liberate news from the page by opening up new opportunities for their readers to engage and consume their stories. An option to listen to articles breaks conventions and provides flexibility to a reader to wander the web and satisfy their interests. In a world of multitasking efficiency, listening has become a skill acquired for modern life. 

We develop, test and optimise to keep our service at the cutting edge providing new opportunities for digital audio news publishing. Whether it be a global news brand or a hyperlocal independent, SpeechKit provides a precise yet versatile service that provides value to any publisher with a story to tell. 

Why do we do it?

We believe there is a disconnect between information and society. News is everywhere and nowhere. Traditional channels have become targets of prejudice and conspiracy. Trust has been broken and news has suffered by association. We provide a tool that develops an opportunity for connection between news and society. 

By extracting news from the platforms, from distraction and from the daily grind, audio empowers readers — providing them with the freedom to explore. New technologies facilitate accessible news personalisation providing a reliable source of rich information tailored to the reader.

News on-the-move is a modern solution to an age-old problem. It makes keeping up-to-date in these days of continuous development a pleasure rather than a task. It creates new opportunities for relationships with audiences and satisfies a new demand for accessibility. 

How do we do it?

SpeechKit provides newsrooms with the infrastructure to take the best advantage of state-of-the-art speech technology. Following half a decade of R&D, we designed an audio service that would work for publishers. By listening and focusing on solving audio’s shortfalls we started from the ground up building a complete service for creation, distribution and monetisation. 

NewsNet, our intelligent audio optimisation engine, brings together a suite of technologies fine-tuned to deliver a seamless audio experience. Natural Language Processing humanises the mechanical aspects of speech generated by artificial systems. We make it our business to calibrate these systems for news reading and by recreating the subtle aspects of human speech, SpeechKit provides new opportunities for connection with the reader.

Behind the scenes lies a framework that ensures these tools are delivered with maximum efficiency and reliability. By building versatile ingestion endpoints that fit modern publishing practices we make speech available to every article, story or update. We optimise audio opportunity by distributing to popular audio channels whilst providing new opportunities for engagement within a publisher’s existing digital presence, tracking every interaction for feedback and consideration.

Finally, SpeechKit tackles audio’s commercial dilemma. An efficient system minimises costs of production whilst opportunities sponsorship are carefully integrated helping voice truly become a modern media — profitable and self-sufficient.